Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sunny in the South of Spain

So I made it to the South of Spain, and.... DAMN it´s hot. Or maybe I´m just not used to doing everything without Air conditioning. Yes, that´s probably it. Washington D.C. I´m sure is much hotter than this.

I have been in training week before my summer camp which starts on Sunday, and have been busy from 9 a.m. - 10:30 p.m. learning the ropes and preparing my teaching materials, after which we all go out for drinks all night in El Puerto de Santa Maria, a little town near the Strait of Gibraltar. I will be teaching the same 10-15 Spanish students every day for 2 weeks and my age group is the 12-13 yr olds.

Our camp site (40 mins away) in Santi Pietri is in an old Monastery made of sun-washed white stucco with yellow and blue tiles, with beautiful courtyards on the inside filled with flowers and palm trees. There is a huge swimming pool and a beach within 30 mins walking distance.

The one problem is, there´s no internet... and days are long, and we are not near a city. So if I go MIA for a while, that´s why. Just know I´ll be spending my action-packed days in the hot sun of the South of Spain having fun :)


Lillian said...

thanks Mer, now I know where the "site" is

Dayna said...

Glad to hear that you haven't gone crazy and settled down. I just spent my 50th birthday sea kayaking in the Broken Island Group in British Columbia. No better trips than the Pacific NW in the summer.
Take care-

Anne said...

I finally went to Baltimore, so sad you weren't there! I suppose Spain is probably pretty ok though. I also went back to DC and figured out that I don't really miss it. I'm just midwest through and through I guess.

When are you going to plan your camping trip to the badlands in SoDak???