Saturday, July 12, 2008

Still Alive

So working at a Euro Summer camp is the most relevant example of overworked and underpaid since slavery, but I´m loving it nonetheless... especially after a few months of pure vacation. The site at Santi Pietri is beautiful, and in the few moments you´re not listening to screaming children and color war chants, it actually feels like a very nice vacation. That said, I´m averaging about 4 hours of sleep per night between lesson planning and all other crap, but the perks are amazing new friends and most recently, a whale watching trip on the Strait of Gibraltar, where you could see the coast of Africa. Most of the kids got seasick and slept below deck for the majority of the boat ride, which left us a few unexpected hours of peace and quiet to just enjoy.

We just sent our first round of campers home, and tomorrow come the second round. Today we had a few hours free time and went to a beautiful beach town called Conil on the Mediterranean. We had some much needed cocktails, which feel that much better when you´ve really earned them.

Headed out for the night but hopefully back to write soon (sometime during my 0 hours per day free time)

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