Thursday, June 12, 2008

At it Again

I didn´t really tell anyone I was leaving. I guess I hadn´t made it very public that I was back at home for a time there, either. My year wasn´t complete yet. I still had Spain.

And now I´m here!

After one of the more uncomfortable plane rides in my repertoire, complete with seats that would not recline, 4 full hours of 2 crying babies, a delayed connection out of London, and the ensuing delayed arrival of my brand new Mountainsmith Scarlet backpack, made completely out of recycled materials (very green of me!)... I´m in Madrid.

And just when I had broken down and bought a new shirt because I could no longer stand the building-up grime on my clothing, my backpack arrived to the hostel.

So we´re off to a good start.

It´s nice to be back in Europe. Last night I had tapas and Sangria for dinner with 5 other people who are doing my first program with me, Pueblo Ingles at La Alberca. The week-long program is an English immersion for 20 Spaniards and a "free" week of accomodations, meals and fun experiences for 20 English-speakers, just for speaking all day in English.

I´m off to a flamenco performance now, hosted by the program, wearing my kind of geeky, but very practical Sprigs Banjees wrist wallet from REI and money belt. Europe is no South America in terms of danger... but I swear I am not going to get robbed again!

Now I´ve cursed myself :)

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