Thursday, February 7, 2008

Good things come in threes...

So some exciting things have happened in the past day. First, I arrived safely in Santiago, where its summertime and I can put on skirts and sandals and go in the swimming pool :)

Second, my Torres del Paine hiking story got published on a Web based travel site. You can see it here.

Third... well, I'm still waiting on the third... which is that I hope a bed will open up at the hostel I'm hanging out at in the lobby. It's been at least 24 hours since I last slept, after a sleepless redeye flight back down to the southern hemisphere! Looks like a looong siesta is in store.


Dina said...

Congrats!!! Hope all is well down south. Keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Meri -- I can truly say that I have become a fan of your blog. Congrats on getting published. Keep up the good work.
I'd love to hear from you:
Safe travels.