Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Back to Civilization

Just a quick update since I have been completely cut off from civilization for the last few days. I was headed towards a beach town called Pichilemu with a Chilean friend of mine, and we stopped for a night in a one-horse, no internet, no cell-phone-service town called Estrella to visit a friend, and ended up spending much longer than anticipated there.

In that time, I have eaten every single meal completely fresh... watermelon straight from the gardern, freshly picked organic tomatoes, onions, chili peppers... right down to the freshly killed animals I would have been rude to turn down while staying in the home of some very friendly Chileans... a lamb, a chicken, and my first time eating rabbit that had, yikes!, been hunted the night before by my friends. Well, an experience nonetheless... living the rustic life and learning to value exactly where our food comes from.

Anyways, I am at the beach now... Pichilemu is a ramshackle beach town on the pacific, famous for its excellent surfing, with dark sand and craggy cliffs. I may just give surfing a go while I´m here. Also, on the topic of food, I just ate $1 ceviche from a beach-front stand (for those of you who dont know, ceviche is raw seafood)...and only time will tell if I react to it with violent illness... but it was oh so good and so fresh with its lemon and cilantro.

haha ok won´t waste any more time in front of the computer. Off to the beach I go!

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