Friday, February 22, 2008

Destined for the Desert!

Tomorrow ends my week of suffering in the stifling heat of Santiago. Ok, so it hasn't been all bad. I got to spend time with friends, see a bit more of the city and relax. Unfortunately I also had a lot of down time to freak out about my passport getting robbed.

But I got my new passport today. No, it was not an easy process at all. After my 3 day wait, I got my passport and then had to go to the International Police on the ghetto side of Santiago in order to get a new tourist stamp, thereby allowing me to leave the country. The 50 yr old police chief attending, was eager to set things right. I was pleased with the attentive service until he started asking me where I went out at night and finally asked me on a date. Good thing I had the excuse that I was leaving Santiago tomorrow...

Tomorrow morning I'm heading north to the San Pedro de Atacama desert (apparently the driest desert in the world--too bad my chapstick and moisturizer were stolen...) on a tour that stops in a few interesting Chilean cities along the way. Ok, so normally I don't dig the tour thing... but for safety's sake I think its time I ditch the anti- "stereotypical tourist" sentiments and see how this goes.

I'm excited, now that everything's in place. Northern Chile, here I come!

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