Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My Favorite New Chilean Singer

So I was riding a bus home from the Argentine town of Ushuaia this past weekend... 11 hours south of Punta Arenas, and apparently officially the REAL Southernmost city in the world. The bus aisle monitor(who was a little "off" and took his job a little toooo seriously) took advantage of his captive audience, to the delight of all of our tired and haggard souls, with his atrocious taste in music.

I'd never heard of Zalo Reyes before stepping onto this bus, but after 4 hours I knew him very well... a musical icon of our parents time (if our parents happened to be Chilean and flaite -- Chilean for White trash). I also believe that Zalo Reyes may actually have been an inspiring force for modern-day rap music videos. Observe the bling, the pimped out rides, the hot women, the thugs smokin{ fatties, and of course the sweet crib this guy rocks. And most importantly, enjoy. My only regret is that I didn´t film the entire video... the story is actually quite interesting and has a huge twist at the end!


Juan Andrés said...

hahahahaha, that was funny...
i din't know Zalo own the rights to that magnificent piece of music!

I do have a couple of Zalo's songs in my ipod... but only play them when we are really drunk!

Anonymous said...

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