Friday, September 12, 2008

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

I firmly believe that Starbucks coffee is laced with crack... and that a lifetime of making Excel spreadsheets could (and perhaps has) lead to early death--definitely impaired eyesight anyway.

Oh, to be back in an office... seeking thrills in the "not-so-Great Escapes"--satisfying that reckless urge on a Friday afternoon with a taste of the fall season-- Pumpkin Spice coffee from the corner Starbucks (an excuse to get away from the computer screen), to get the pulse going, the hands jittering, and work up a little sweat while anxiously awaiting the end of the day.

Did I ever leave? Was the past year just a dream from which I've woken up with longer hair and less money?

So being back has its perks (not Pumpkin Spice flavored). As I continue to test my options, there's so much going on around here and as it turns out, so much to say about American culture...which I'm going to start doing. Maybe not Great Escapes, but hopefully entertaining enough to keep my small readership stopping by occasionally :)

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