Friday, August 10, 2007

Good News, Bad News

This will be a short one. The good news... I have my address here in Punta Arenas for everyone who wants to send me cards, candy, cash... funds to sponsor me on an expedition to Antarctica? ;)

Meri Price
Zenteno 1722 (Barrio San Miguel)
Punta Arenas, Magallanes

The bad news... and happy friggin´ birthday to me... my identity has been stolen AGAIN... at the worst possible time now that I´m thousands of miles away from my bank back in the good old US of A... Some hacker cracked into my PayPal account (which I am now cancelling), and charged up a couple of thousand dollars, forcing me to close my bank card, apply for a new one, and play the waiting game with what little cash I have on me until my new card comes in however many weeks... Somehow these things seem to fall right into my lap at the most utterly inconvenient times.

Hopefully I´ll be back with better news next time, eh?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Meri -- talk about the earthquake that rocked the region on Wednesday. How was your area affected? What was the local reaction? What is different/the same about Chile in terms of prevention of an earthquake ravaging that country? You have an relatively close viewpoint of what happened so please paint us, the stupid Americans trapped in their cubicles, a better picture of what happened. Thanks.